CIP Installation Checklist

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 !  ? X Description Comments, Exceptions, & Notes
      Is the frame secured & level to the floor?  
      Do all match marks agree?  
      Does each valve the correct Valve ID Tag on it?  
      Is pump motor turning proper direction?  
      Are drain(s)/waste/purge/V21 properly hooked up?  
      Is y-strainer cleaned out?  
      Does CIP Panel check-out completely OK?  
      Is the cooling water hooked up?  
      Does Pressure Gauge, P3, indicate properly on CIP pre-filter?  
      Do all valves turn smoothly & properly?  
      Is there clean filter bag in vessel?  
      Is there a warning label to use glazed bags only?  
      Is the CIP tank cleaned out?  
      Are all pipes going to CIP Tank secure?  
      Are appropriate electrical warning labels on the CIP Panel?  
      Has CIP passed leak check?  
      Is Valve ID Tag Drawing hanging on unit?  
      Is Operator Checklist hanging on unit?  

Legend Description:

! - Needs Immediate attention
? - Some irregularity, probably ok
X - Checked out fine


Refer to UFS Drawing #:997303, 221033, and Bulletin 998303.





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