Ultrafiltration Installation Checklist

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 !  ? X Description Comments, Exceptions, & Notes
      Is the frame secured & level to the floor?  
      Are the ED paint manifolds level and true?  
      Do all match marks agree?  
      Does each valve the correct Valve ID Tag on it?  
      Do all valves work properly?  
      Has the unit passed the field leak check using water & the CIP?  
      Is each and every drain connected as required?  
      Has UF machine been cleaned and rinsed per Paint Vendor recommendations?  
      Is Paint Supply & Return pipes supported every 5’?  
      Are gauges properly facing Butterfly valves?  
      Does each UF Module have its correct Product & Spare Parts label?  
      Does each Bag Filter vessel have ‘only use glazed’ bag filters label?  
      Elements. Record pump serial number.  
      Make sure the paint is circulated for 24 -48 hours before the UF Elements are installed. Especially so, if held paint had been in a storage tank while the new UF machine was being installed.  
      System is now (only after Step 14 is completed) ready to install the UF Elements and begin machine start-up  
      Is laminated Valve ID & flow schematic on UF machine?  

Legend Description:

! - Needs Immediate attention
? - Some irregularity, probably ok
X - Checked out fine

Notes: If customer provided the pre-filter system then for Step 11, make sure the vessels & related piping systems are leaked checked with water and have the proper glazed bag label installed on each vessel?