Side Membrane Electrode Cell Checklist

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 !  ? X Description Comments, Exceptions, & Notes
      Does Membrane Shell hang plumb?  
      Is centerline of overflow nozzle 80 mm ( 3.2”) above the rim of the ED tank? –or-

________ above the rim of the ED tank?

      Is compression washer flat?  
      Is Electrode properly seated?  
      Is cable lead connected to bus bar?  
      Are the clamps over tightened? Are clamps square to strut channel?  
      Is Cell Splash Guard or other drip shield installed properly?  
      Is Cell electrolyte supply tubing trimmed & connected to supply manifold with a square cut end? –or-

Is Cell supply tubing connected to another Low Profile Cell and both ends are cut off square?

      Is Cell electrolyte return tubing cut square and pushed onto overflow nozzle?  
      Is Cell electrolyte return tubing cut at 45 degree angle and stuck only 25 mm (~1”) into the opening Electrolyte Return Manifold? -or-

Is Cell return tubing cut off square and pushed onto a hose barb fitting, which is part of the Return Manifold?

      Are there any obstructions closer than 75 mm (~3”) to the Membrane Shell, below the liquid level? Or is Cell < 600 mm and within 100 mm of the centerline of eductor?  
      Is there a proper cable lead to each Cell?  
      If multi-zone are diodes on lower voltage zone cells?  
      Are Cells positioned per layout drawing?  
      Are the strut supports joined properly? (Weld or Butt splices)  
      Is the vertical supports plumb? Measure with bubble every 5’  

Legend Description:

! - Needs Immediate attention
? - Some irregularity, probably ok
X - Checked out fine






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